Thanks for looking me up.

Just wanted to let you know that as of Oct. 15th, 2010, I’ll be closing Brad’s PC Repair to pursue other interests as part of a growing company in a different industry – and state! I have sincerely appreciated your business and referrals. I’m looking forward to new challenges and new adventures. If you’re looking for computer repair companies in Lincoln, Nebraska, head over to for a few companies I recommend.

Best wishes,


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» Take Brad’s PC Repair with you.Sometimes bringing your computer into the shop isn’t an option. If you are out-of-town, traveling for work, or are just too far away, we can still help you via remote control.

With your permission, Brad’s PC Repair can control your computer while you watch, to fix a variety of software problems. Download Crossloop, then give us a call. We’ll walk you through a few easy steps, and then get to work on solving your PC woes.


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We’re OPEN

Just a quick note to say “we’re open for business!” The new shop is coming together but it’s not the same without you!

As a gift to you, we’re offering a $29 PC Health Checkup that covers more than a dozen points of inspection. That’s 50% off our normal rates.

Simply mention the code “SPRINGCLEAN” when you call ahead for your appointment

See you soon!